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Ch5 page4
Ch5 page4

The following is a Pokemon Mystery dungeon fan comic. "When you want to forget." A young eevee that refers to himself as Kalvin wakes up injured in a forest surrounded by unfamiliar Pokemon. Traumatised by his past, the eevee hopes to find true meaning in his life while trying to let go of his experiences. Notice:This comic contains occasional scenes of blood and some mediocre foul language.


EvAmerica/ChicagoFri, 04 May 2018 15:31:38 -050018 th000000504pm18


Let's get real here,

Hey guys, question.

I'm considering to fully colour and shade the next comics pages from Chapter 2 onwards. I'm already planning to release the coloured page 1 of Chapter 2 this Sunday(it's a bit old, the shading style will change).But here's the thing.

Colouring and shading an entire strip three times a week will mentally kill me, especially since my exams are coming up.

So here's the choice-
-The comic will remain as it is-black and white strips,uploads three times per week,every Wends,Fri and Sun.
-The comic will be coloured and shaded, but it will upload once per week every Sunday.
-You don't mind.

If the comic is chosen to be coloured, after uploading this Sunday the comic will upload on next Sunday.

Have a nice night...or day, depending on when you're reading this.



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