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Ch5 page4
Ch5 page4

The following is a Pokemon Mystery dungeon fan comic. "When you want to forget." A young eevee that refers to himself as Kalvin wakes up injured in a forest surrounded by unfamiliar Pokemon. Traumatised by his past, the eevee hopes to find true meaning in his life while trying to let go of his experiences. Notice:This comic contains occasional scenes of blood and some mediocre foul language.


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so, uh, hi. I’ve realised that the news post I made a while ago regarding my inactivity didn’t?? Post?? I have no idea why that happened, but my deepest apologies for keeping you in the dark. I’ve seen that were some people worrying about me, and honestly I have been very idiotic for not acknowledging it. I’m sorry.

about the comic, it started with a break because I was getting burnt out, which just slowing turned into losing interest. And when I wanted to start again, i looked back on the comic and got discouraged by how bad the early chapters were.
Why are everyone’s eyes so big? Why did I introduce 50 characters in the first chapter? Why is the gender ratio a billion to three? Oh lord, why did I try to make that joke. Why did I think using my handwriting as the text a good idea? Why does Luna look like that? Did I misspell Kareas name? There was also my tiny tiny problem with feeling very down and staying up too late, so I posted a news update that for some god for sake reason didn’t post explaining myself and tried to get better. And by that I meant desperately drawing other things to distract myself.

And, oh look! Over yonder! What’s that? That, pillar of hellfire rocketing towards me? Oh, it’s school. What’s that? I’m in fifth year? Oh! I have to see all these people again! Great!! How wonderful! And that problem! Yeah! It’s worse now!! Horrah!!

But, oh no, I’m not cancelling the comic, I’ve spent almost two years on this hellhole. I will finish it, just wait until I’ve finish all those...4 pages I’m working on and let me figure out a schedule, and hopefully we’ll all be good to go.

Seriously though, I’m really sorry I’ve been inactive. I’ll try to check in more often.

I hope that you get to let a dog today, see ya

-trash man wandit


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Let's get real here,

Hey guys, question.

I'm considering to fully colour and shade the next comics pages from Chapter 2 onwards. I'm already planning to release the coloured page 1 of Chapter 2 this Sunday(it's a bit old, the shading style will change).But here's the thing.

Colouring and shading an entire strip three times a week will mentally kill me, especially since my exams are coming up.

So here's the choice-
-The comic will remain as it is-black and white strips,uploads three times per week,every Wends,Fri and Sun.
-The comic will be coloured and shaded, but it will upload once per week every Sunday.
-You don't mind.

If the comic is chosen to be coloured, after uploading this Sunday the comic will upload on next Sunday.

Have a nice night...or day, depending on when you're reading this.



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